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My work in Chinese and with the Chinese community


My interest in the Chinese language started in 2012 when I first immigrated to Australia. Australia's multicultural environment gave me a unique opportunity to truly experience Chinese culture and, through the Chinese friends I made, Chinese film and TV, and my own 5 years of hard work, I have gradually learned Chinese. In 2014, I represented Australia in the 7th Chinese Bridge World Chinese Proficiency Competition and won 2nd place out of the over 50 participating countries. In later years, Chinese became increasingly important in my work. In 2016 I assisted with Chinese-English translation for some environmental health projects at Griffith University, and in 2017 I worked for some time at the George Institute for Global Health in Beijing. After the pandemic, the Chinese community in New York faced many types of disproportionate impacts; in 2020-2021, I led a study with some collegues to investigate the impact of the pandemic on the food environment in NYC Chinatown.

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